Bail Bondsman Posting Bail in Virginia

How Bail Works
Receive the bail services needed for your friend or family members when you give us a call. All you would have to do is pay the statewide standard of 10% of the bond, and we'll post the full amount of the bond for you.

As long as the "bailee" (the person being bonded from jail) make all of their court dates, no more money will be required of you. However, if your friend or loved one fails to make an appearance in court for all of their court dates and we cannot locate him or her, you will then be responsible for paying back the bond amount in full.


Bail Cost
While the bond is determined by the courts or magistrate, the fee you pay for the bond is regulated by the state. The average amount is 10%, which is the amount required for our bail services.

Counseling Services
After being arrested or spending time in jail, your loved one or friend may find themselves wondering how they can move forward. At Jim Searcy Bail Bonds, we offer directional counseling services that aid you in the transition after that experience. We'll help you find reliable legal counsel that will help you through this stressful time.

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